Why Plan for Retirement?

I believe that most financial decisions you make are linked to retirement.  From paying a mortgage instead of renting or saving for your kids' college education, each dollar saved up for these purposes is a dollar you don't have saved for retirement.  It's also a dollar you won't have to spend when your retirement days come.


Many people, including myself, wonder if they will ever want to retire.  They like what they do, are flexible, and have a job that is not too physically demanding.  So, why plan for retirement? My answer:  Wouldn't it be nice to have a plan in place so you know that starting that day, you work only because you want to – not because you need to?


When Social Security was created, many people passed away shortly after retiring.  Post World War II, as people began enjoying retirement for longer periods of time, demographics and a booming economy allowed for Social Security income and pensions to answer the needs of retirees.


Today, shortfalls in Social Security, the disappearance of company pensions, longer life expectancies, and a rising cost of living, compel us to assume more and more responsibility for our retirement goals. 




You have to save.



You have to invest.



You have to find a way for your portfolio to generate income.

Uh ...


You have to make sure you never outlive your money.





That's when I come in.


Assuming these retirement responsibilities on your own can be quite a task.  I can help you coordinate and optimize your Social Security benefits, Medicare costs, 401(k)s, brokerage accounts, pensions, inheritance, tax liabilities resulting from future required minimum distributions (RMDs), and more.